Friday, February 10, 2012

Space Cadet Academy - Mission go!

So, it appears I missed a day in posting, for which I apologize. I've been knee deep in building a brand new version of the PA Masonic Youth Foundation website and didn't get a chance to blog yesterday. But, we're back in action to day with a post offered by Bro. Alex Rauschenberger, Deputy State Master Councilor and Dean of Students at the Space Cadet Academy. What is Space Cadet Academy? Read on! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

The mission of Space Cadet Academy is to provide enthusiastic young DeMolays with quality training so that they can become fully capable Space Crusaders of their Chapters and all of Pennsylvania DeMolay.  Space Cadet Academy will prepare DeMolays for complete service as Space Crusaders teaching them important skills so that they may carry the teachings of DeMolay into their daily lives, into service with their Chapters, and anywhere they may go.  Space Cadet Academy will expand on the Cadet's DeMolay knowledge in both fun and educational ways and will also help increase teamwork.  Through translation of the training, received by the Cadets in all fields of study, Space Cadet Academy graduates will be prepared to combat the forces of darkness and help carry the light of DeMolay throughout the universe as Space Crusaders.

Space Cadet Academy’s 2012 Semester will begin on May 4th and will be held at Patton Campus in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania until the 6th.  If you are interested in attending this prestigious academy, admission applications will be due in to PMYF Admissions Office.  A complete course calendar will be posted in the upcoming weeks, but many bright and fun opportunities await any aspiring young men who seek to become Cadets in the 2012 class of Space Cadet Academy.  Cadets will be trained on how to build a working star cruiser out of lego-style model bricks and will also participate in a competition testing their Space Crusader skills.  In addition Cadets will have the opportunity to learn more about the complex workings of interplanetary communication and the history of DeMolay and Space Crusaders. 

It is of the upmost importance that we, as young DeMolays and future Space Crusaders of this great Commonwealth, join-up and train at this, the most prestigious of all Space Crusader training facilities.  Without the proper training to become a Space Crusader, we could easily be overpowered by the forces of darkness, our lawful enemies, who’s only goal is to spread darkness over the land and take away the light of DeMolay’s teachings forever.  As Space Crusaders it is our mission to stop the forces of darkness and continue work for justice and equality across the universe.  Do you accept this mission?

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