Monday, January 23, 2012

We are a character building organization!

Yes, I said it. We are a character building organization.

Anyone who has been around DeMolay for some time will recognize this line. It was the battle cry of Past Grand Master Keith Klein, who assured us that the DeMolay program does one thing better than any other - build character. He was (and still is) passionate about this message, which rings just as true today as it did five years ago.

Recently, I received an email from "Dad" Peter Brusoe, Chief Operating Officer of Nation's Capital DeMolay. He was at a recent Chapter meeting for Tenleytown - Chevy Chase Chapter and they had some interesting discussions on current issues. He writes:

"We talked about SOPA. It was agreed that it was bad.  I asked the Chapter "What about downloading music for free, is that consistent with DeMolay values?"  The MC stood up and said "No, it's not, we took an obligation to obey the laws, and though it is easy to do, we as DeMolays should not do it."

As "Dad" Brusoe said to me, there was the moment of truth. DeMolays have instilled in them a value code that comes with obligations and cardinal virtues taught by the organization. While everyone makes mistakes from time to time, knowing the simple things - like the difference between right and wrong - is the most valuable lesson that DeMolay can teach.

Why not close each Chapter meeting with a short discussion on a current event? That kind of open and free debate can spark important conversations and help each DeMolay build character. In turn, the organization is building better men.

Frat ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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