Thursday, January 19, 2012

Respect - what does it mean to you?

This post is part of series of entries written by the Elected State Officers of PA DeMolay. Each of them have been assigned topics to discuss and offer their opinions on. Today's post is offered by Bro. Matt Maple, State Senior Councilor. Enjoy!

Most of us have a Facebook, twitter, or some other means of social networking.  When you sign on, you almost always see someone posting something that is disrespectful. It is bound to happen, but as DeMolays we should set the example and be respectful while on social networking sites. We have taken an obligation to be good citizens and to always be respectful. Let us show that we are good citizens by not posting anything offensive or disrespectful and furthermore, be respectful at all times.

All DeMolays are expected to be the “good kids,” the ones you almost never see get into trouble.  We also live in a metaphorical fishbowl. We are in this fishbowl because we are expected to be leaders, and everything that we do, good or bad, can and will be seen. One advisor for PA DeMolay is fed up with some of the disrespectful things that he has seen on Facebook. He posted the following:

“New Year’s resolution: if you are on my friend list and your posts contain offensive language..... I will unsubsribe you, esp. if you belong to one of the 3 youth groups.”  

This was posted by “Dad” Mike Larkin, and by saying this he is taking one step forward in try to push members of not only DeMolay, but the other Masonic Youth Groups, to live up to these expectations and be the young men that we are expected to be.

We are also expected to always be respectful to those around us and especially to our elders.  When we are in a meeting at a sports tournament, or any other DeMolay event, we need to make sure that we are listening to those running the meeting and not talking.  This has not been the case recently and we need to change that.

Let us all strive to earn the respect of others and show them how much the organization of DeMolay can do by turning us all into respectable young men.

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