Monday, November 22, 2010

Pilgrim Pulls Off Pretty Powerful Prospect Party

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to hang out with 500 of your closest friends and game all night on four 50" plasma televisions? How about adding to that all the pizza and soda that you could ever wish for?  Well, Pilgrim Chapter did just that!  The members of Pilgrim Chapter love to play video games. They also wanted to have a prospect event. So, with a little bit of research and unplugging by its advisors, the purse strings came open, and the event evolved! 
Enter "The Game Truck!"  What could be better than a trailer with four 50" plasma televisions, a couch to seat 16, and the latest Xbox, Playstation, and Wii games available - including Black Ops!  For two hours members and prospects played non stop video games, chatting about DeMolay, and having a great time. 
Flyers were distributed at the One Day Masonic Journey to all the new members joining the fraternity, a mailing list was purchased for young men between the ages of 12-16, and members invited their friends.  The goal of this mission - to get more members!  After it was all said and done Pilgrim had 6 prospects and 7 members attend (plus one Jobie and one Rainbow girl).  The next goal is to get these prospects inducted at Grand Masters Class. 
The importance of this event was that it was unique, but it also was an event that was held at our Lodge building , Pilgrim Chapter's home. We were able to show the prospects where we meet, tell them what we were about, and have a great night of fun.  Everyone left with a brochure and a membership application.  We registered everyone when they attended and we now have all the  information we need to follow through and get them to join.  But best of all, the advisors unplugged and let the members run the event . Hopefully through this entire venture there will be many winners!

Special thanks go out to "Mom" Jan Harms, Chapter Advisor for Pilgrim Chapter, for writing this article. "Mom" Harms has recently found a renewed interest in DeMolay, having served on the Key Man Conference staff this past summer. She is also a past Grand Guardian and Past Grand Secretary for Job's Daughters in Pennsylvania. Her other claim to fame is being married to "Dad" Doug Harms, also of Pilgrim Chapter. Actually, never mind... he's more infamous than anything else.

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