Thursday, August 31, 2017

Becoming Master Councilor

The following blog post is from Brother Daniel Amon, Senior Councilor of Northeast Chapter and State Senior Steward for Pennsylvania DeMolay.

Hello, my name is Danny Amon, currently Senior Councilor of Northeast Chapter, and I am going to be running for Master Councilor of our next term. The reason I want to become Master Councilor is because I feel that I would do a very good job guiding the other officers in my chapter and helping them become better leaders. I also think I would do a good job teaching the other officers to be more responsible and to be loyal to one another. 
One of the main things I will be focusing on during my term is fundraising. In order to have a stable DeMolay chapter, you will need to have money, and in order to get money, a chapter must raise funds. Second, I will be focusing on membership; not only to get members into DeMolay, but to keep the members that we get active. It's nice to have numbers on the books, but I'd rather see them at activities and meetings as well. Last, I will be focusing on brotherhood, respect, and leadership. Brotherhood and leadership because without these two very important factors, the chapter will not be stable. Courtesy is one of the most important precepts in DeMolay. Respect involves being courteous to each other, and this is very important to have a successful chapter.  

Here are some of the goals I plan to accomplish during my term. I want us to bring in at least 4 new members for Northeast Chapter and to keep them all active. I would like all the members of this chapter to advance into a higher position. I would like at least 5 members at every event that we will have, and all members to attend every meeting. I plan to have at least 4-5 fundraisers this term. When it's all said and done, I'd like to have a fun and successful term. In order to make these goals a reality, I know it will take a lot of work from myself and the members of the chapter, but I'm up for the challenge. I'd like to invite everyone reading this blog post to Northeast Chapter's Installation of Officers, which will be held at the Tacony Temple in Northeast Philadelphia on Sunday, October 15th at 2 PM.   

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