Thursday, January 21, 2016

Make Yourself Feel Distinguished!

Have you done a lot of work for your local community or taken an active role within your church? Do you continue to get good grades in school and help out with responsibilities at home or in DeMolay? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some type of recognition for all of this hard work? Well there is, and it has always been available for any DeMolay who wants to earn it.

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes outstanding overall service performed by a DeMolay member. The areas of service include religion, community, DeMolay, education and home, among others. A jurisdiction can award two recipients per year, one for each half of the DeMolay year. The award is typically awarded at the annual convention; however it has been awarded at other events at the Executive Officer’s discretion. For example, since I couldn’t make convention, my DSA was awarded to me at the 2008 Basketball Tournament.

This sounds great, but how do I apply? There is no formal application for this award. Rather, the applicant, working with the Advisory Council, will need to assemble a package of materials demonstrating his service in various areas. The Advisory Council generally assists in soliciting recommendations from individuals who have worked with the applicant in various areas of service. The nomination for the Award officially comes from the Advisory Council, though a member may apply for his own nomination through his Advisory Council.

The Distinguished Service Award has not been awarded in Pennsylvania since 2013, meaning for two years no one has applied for this award. If you know someone that is eligible for this award, click here for the list of materials needed to apply.

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin

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