Thursday, November 19, 2015

Be Different and Be Charitable

Today we have a special guest blog post. This post is from Sarah Sellers, Pennsylvania DeMolay's State Sweetheart.

As a DeMolay, you know that the Pennsylvania State Charity is the Children's Dyslexia Centers. You know that throughout the year, you and your brothers strive to raise money to donate to this charity, and after all of your hard work, a check is presented at Convention to the Scottish Rite Representative. You also know that this year, your State Master Councilor, Adam Pritchard, has challenged each chapter to "Be Different," be it in membership recruitment, community service, or chapter events. As your State Sweetheart, I also present the challenge of "Be Different"; however, I challenge you to be different in how you donate to your State Charity. Yes, raising funds throughout the year is still acceptable – in fact, it is highly encouraged – but change up how you raise these funds. You could even change up how you become involved with your local learning center. Be Creative. As long as you are embracing PA DeMolay's theme and are connecting with the Children's Dyslexia Centers, anything goes.

You may be thinking, "Yes, I am ready to 'Be Different!' The thing is, I'm not sure how." If you are
stuck or having doubts, that is perfectly normal. No one is expecting you to come up with these new ideas on your own. For tips or advice, I suggest you use your resources. Ask the members of your chapter what they might think, or look to what other chapters have done in the past. In May, Elizabethtown Chapter organized a dodgeball tournament to raise funds for the State Charity. In October, Pilgrim Chapter donated CD players and $500 in gift cards to their local center. Other chapters have participated in their local Walk for Dyslexia, challenged lodges to raise funds, and have simply visited their local learning center. All of these are wonderful examples as to how chapters have strayed from the expected monetary donations to contribute to the charity. Even though PA DeMolay has been successful in raising funds over the years, do not be afraid to change up how it is done. When it comes to the Children's Dyslexia Centers, do not be afraid to "Be Different."

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