Thursday, November 6, 2014

You've mastered the bow tie, but how about the pocket square?

In the last year, bow ties have taken the DeMolay world by storm. They are a quirky, fun alternative to the regular four in hand tie. Even DeMolay International got in on the action with a series of excellent bow ties. Any DeMolay who wants to really show off, now wears a bow tie. So, what's the next step in fashion rejuvenation? Enter, the Pocket Square.

I'm a big of pocket squares, as I feel they add a distinct and dapper look to any jacket. However, just like with bow ties, they require a little finesse to really make right. Check out the handy guide I've posted below on how to fold a pocket square.

Let's see if you can master this!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony


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