Thursday, December 5, 2013

Different Day of Comfort Choice

With the Thanksgiving Holiday behind us, we now find ourselves in prime season for one of the DeMolaly Obligatory days - the Day of Comfort. This Obligatory day can be celebrated any time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so basically the holiday season.

Many Chapters have something they do year and year out to observe this day. My home Chpater, Erie, always rang bells for the Salvation Army. While everyone did their part, after several years, it was hard to get people excited for this program. If your Chapter is in the same boat, why not mix it up a bit?

Here are some great idea that your Chapter could use for your Day of Comfort observance (thanks to for some of these ideas):
  • Use your in-house talent to stage a charity Christmas Ball with a reception, raffle and prizes
  • Decorate a hospital ward, children's ward, or Assisted Living, Nursing Community, or Geriatric Unit with garlands, snowflakes, and holiday cheer. (Use tape and ribbon loops to hang items, not hooks, and non-glass ornaments, so everything is safe even if grabbed later on
  • Send performers out for special charity performance appearances at worthy locations like local libraries, community centers, or hospitals, with the addition of raffles or ticket sales benefiting the location recipient
  • Donate a Christmas tree to a local charity then show up and decorate it as well!
  • With help from your Chapter’s designers or artists, bring the supplies for making holiday cards, ornaments, and holiday decor, and set up a hospital, group home, or children's ward visit where group members pair off with a child or elderly patient to create a pretty and charming ornament, snowflake or holiday card
  • Or use your designers’ special skills to create ornaments shaped like dogs and cats, then get your group members to help decorate them, then sell them off in support of your local animal shelter.
  • Assemble a group of carolers to visit local hospital wards or nursing homes – and be sure to encourage interaction and sing-alongs!
It sounds cliché, but you are only limited by your ideas for this observance, so think outside the box!

~ Frat! "Dad" Seth Anthony

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