Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick! To the ROFLcopter!

As I approach the end of the 2012 calendar, I am reminded that this blog has been running for nearly 3 years. We have created close to 370 posts in that time. Yet, every Monday and Thursday I strive to come up with something new and useful to talk about or share with you, the reader. However, today I was struggling for something to write about.

If I can't think of a topic, I often turn to my internet haunts and try to rustle something up. But, knowing that I'm going to be away next week for the holiday, I decided against just posting another link to something. I wanted to share some kind of useful thought with you. My next stop was Google. I searched for blogging ideas, posting ideas, and more. Many sites featured some tips on where to find things to talk about, while others suggested behavior that will make writing easier. Unfortunately, none of this clicked with me. Then, it struck me. I could write about not having anything to write about! Sounds kind of silly, right? Well, perhaps - but as always, there is a point.

When your Chapter gets stuck in a rut, it sometimes seems hard to come up with new ideas or programs to get things started again. Who wants to do more door-to-door sales of junk out of a catalog to raise money? No one likes standing outside of stores asking patrons for their hard earned cash either. Oh, and what about some kind of new activity to attract members? How do we get new guys into the Chapters? Sometimes it seems like every idea has been tried or proved to not work. I was feeling this same way about blogging. But, behold! There is an answer!

To the internet! No, really... the answer is the internet. When I searched for blogging ideas, I was dumbfounded by just how many sites there were with useful content. If you're having trouble coming up with a new fundraising idea, membership drive, or Chapter activity, I suggest you do a quick search on the internet. While you may not find the exact answer to your problem, it's possible you'll find some kind of inspiration, just like I did for this blog post. So, no excuses! I want to see some great ideas in 2013!

On a side note: I will be visiting my family for Christmas next week and will not be updating the blog until after the holiday (outside of a holiday message.) I look forward to continuing the PA DeMolay blog into the new year. Until then, keep the spirit of DeMolay alive and well!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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