Thursday, December 8, 2011

Live on the scene: in the Kingdom of DeMolay

We have been talking about "the Kingdom of DeMolay" for a couple of months now. What is the Kingdom? In short, it's an initiative being financed by DeMolay International that includes funding for marketing, advertising, and invigorating the DeMolay program. One of the largest components of this push was the development of a virtual 3D world based on the Second Life engine.

What does that mean in lay speak? Well, think of it like the SIMS or perhaps World of Warcraft (albeit with less fighting and no monsters.) Once released, any DeMolay or Advisors with a DeMolay ID Number will be able to log into the virtual world and participate. DeMolay ID Numbers are issued automatically to everyone affiliated with the program, so you should already be good to go when the product fully launches next year.

In the mean time, DeMolay International asked for several testers to begin entering the world and working out the kinks. Each jurisdiction was allowed to nominate some testers, including Pennsylvania. Right now, "Dad" Tom Labagh, "Dad" Zack Panitzke, Matt Blaisdell, Alex Rauschenberger and myself have all be granted access. We've been busy looking at the environment with a critical eye and trying to find ways to make it better for DeMolays when open access occurs.

It really is an interesting addition to the DeMolay program. I was quite skeptical at first, but the more time I spend in the realm, the more I find to do and explore. There are still lots of glitches, but the amount of control is amazing. You can build anything you want and modify almost any portion of the game. What was the first thing I did? Figure out how to build a fez of course! We are already developing plans for a virtual Patton Campus to build inside the Kingdom, so DeMolays from all over the country can visit our greatest physical asset!

Keep your eyes on this blog and over on Facebook for even more updates as we continue to explore and enhance the Kingdom of DeMolay. If you have any questions about the program, leave them here in a comment or shoot an email to and I'll be glad to answer them!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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