Thursday, June 2, 2011

The DeMolay Crest

Thanks to Bro. Matt Blaisdell, DSMC of PA DeMolay, for sending me this!

The DeMolay Crest has experienced many changes throughout it's history. Regardless of those modifications, it has always been a point of pride among the members of the fraternity. Below is an image taken from an old guide book on how the Coat-of-Arms should be constructed. The information uses some very specific heraldic terminology that may not be familiar too you.

Let's break down the first paragraph, shall we? Azure refers to the blue color on the inside of the shield. The cross of eight points is in reference to the Maltese style cross in the middle. The "dexter chief" is the upper left corner of a shield while the "sinister base" is the lower right corner of the same. "Mullets" are the technical name for five pointed stars when used in heraldry. Lastly, it states that the shield should be over two crossed swords, "saltirewise" - meaning at an angle. See, it's not that complicated!

The "double azure" of the mantling again refers to color. The Crest obvious makes reference to the helmet and the laurels surrounding it. The "decrement" is the small decoration placed above the helm, in the case the traditional DeMolay moon and star (or mullet.)

I think the motto is pretty self explanatory!

Now, why don't you go look up your family crest, or maybe some heraldry from other organizations and see what you can learn!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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