Monday, May 16, 2011

Are your ears open?

Today's article is a special guest piece by Bro. Branden Glass, PMC of Lorraine Chapter located in Butler, PA.

In the Installation Service, the Installing Officer reminds the Almoner that “the cry of need is ever sounding in our ears, and to it our ears must never be closed.”  But how can we, as DeMolays, answer this call?  One way is through community service.  This sort of service does not have to be a tremendous undertaking that will singlehandedly change the world – it can be a small act of generosity that helps someone or fills a need in our schools, or our neighborhoods – or, more ambitiously, our towns or our state.

This could be helping with community cleanup, planting a tree, organizing a food drive for the local shelter, spending time with the elderly – the opportunities are pretty much endless.  In the past, my Chapter (Lorraine) has annually participated in the Salvation Army’s kettle drive. If ringing the bell isn’t your thing, try playing or singing carols; people appreciate the extra effort.  We have also helped with community dinners and community clean-up days.  No matter where your chapter is located, these sorts of opportunities are available and in need of volunteers.  So why are you still reading this article?  Get out there and help. If we don’t, then who will?

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