Thursday, April 28, 2011

Standing Strong

Today's post was written by "Dad" Tom Labagh, EO of PA DeMolay. He wrote this article for the May issue of the Keystone Crusader (which is always available online here.) However, due to space limitations his article wasn't able to published. So, instead, we present it for you here.

Max DePree, in Leadership is an Art, tells us that Sir Christopher Wren, Architect and builder of London's famed St. Paul's Cathedral, was being pestered by his employers who claimed that he didn't know what he was doing.  They said that a certain span between supporting walls was too wide, and told him he MUST add another row of columns for support, or the building would collapse.  The Master Builder, KNOWING that he was right, but not wanting to continue a useless argument, gave in and added another row of columns, BUT, left an unseen space between the UNNECESSARY supports and the beams above.  His doubters and critics were satisfied.  They saw the columns extending toward the ceiling beam, and knew that they were right.  Wren, too, was satisfied.
He had compromised his reputation, perhaps, but not his art.  And to this day, 370 years later, the beam has not sagged.  The great church still looms above the London skyline.  And the columns still stand, firmly supporting NOTHING…. nothing but Wren's confidence in his own abilities.  Having the courage of your convictions doesn't always mean that you must assert that you are right, that you know more than another, or that your lifestyle and beliefs are correct.  People will ask you to show your steadfastness; to prove yourself to them.  And, at times, it may be right to build false columns to show the appearance of strength.  Real strength, however, comes from the feeling of self-confidence in your beliefs and your talents.  Jacques DeMolay's example teaches us the courage of fidelity to pledges he made to himself, as well as to his brethren.   If you can follow his example, and be true to the ideals of our Order, you will build for yourself a character which will support you as firmly as Wren's original plans still support that magnificent cathedral.

What are you supporting?

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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