Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Centennial Memory #54: Chester and Templar Chapters Raise Funds For Sessions in KC

To celebrate the DeMolay Centennial, PA DeMolay will be counting down 100 memories worth celebrating that took place within the DeMolay Chapters and Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania.

In 1969, the 50th Anniversary of DeMolay International, Chapters were attempting to raise funds for the trip to DeMolay International Sessions, which was held in Kansas City, Missouri. The DeMolay Cordon featured Chapters making their best efforts to raise funds for this adventure.

Two Chapters from Pennsylvania, Templar and Chester Chapters, were featured in the Cordon for their efforts in this project. Both plans were very detailed as you will see in the article. Several fundraisers took place, such as car washes, bake sales, Christmas Tree sales, Potluck dinners, and various other ways to earn money for the Chapter. Here is the full article below, which was originally published in the June edition of the DeMolay Cordon. Enjoy!

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin

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